A Good Microphone Delivers Sound With Clarity

A microphone, known better as a mic helps in amplifying a sound. How? It converts sound into electrical signal which gets converted into sound again when it is passed through speakers. The quality of the mic determines the quality of the sound.

Even when your voice is clear, crisp and perfect, a bad mic can just ruin it. Similarly, a good mic can cut out the gruffness in your voice and deliver a clean and clear sound. Even your breathing on your mic will be reduced.

Different Types

There are different types of microphones in use today. These mics use different technologies to convert the sound in to electrical signal. The different types are:

* Dynamic Microphone – Here a coil of wire is suspended in a magnetic field, which helps in converting the air pressure created by the sound to electrical signals.

* Condenser Microphone – Here a vibrating diaphragm is used

* Piezoelectric Microphone – This uses a crystal of the piezoelectric material

No matter what the type of microphone is used or what technology is in play, a preamplifier is required to record or reproduce the electrical signal.

Wireless Microphones

Today, you are bound to see all stage performers use microphones without any wires. These wireless mics are very convenient to use and are of very good quality at the same time. If you are looking for a good wireless mic, you need to know more about the top rated wire-less microphones!

Audio Technica

If you have been searching for a review of specs for audio technica at2020 ①, here are all the details you will need, about this mic:

It has a customized low mass diaphragm. This facilitates the extended frequency responses and transient response is also better than in other mics. The wide dynamic range provided by this mic is much better than any other mic on the market.

This mic uses a cardioids polar pattern. This technology reduces the surrounding sounds picked up by the mic. This isolates the sound that is delivered directly to the mic, hence providing a clearer and better sound delivery.

This mic can be attached to a stand with its threaded stand mount. The mic can be placed anywhere you want, without any wobbling or change in setting.

Shure sm7b

If you check with customers online, the review of shure sm7b is very good! This is because this mic can be used for both studio recordings as well as broadcasting. It has a flat and wide range response and is perfect when the sound is delivered directly into the mic.

The improved shielding ensures the electromagnetic interferences from various sources such as the computer monitors or lights, does not affect the sound quality. This mic is apt for both professional studio use as well as home recordings.

Heil pr40

This is a dynamic mic that has the maximum frequency range among all the Heil pr series mics. A review – best heil pr40 microphone is what you need before you can buy it.

Apart from the classy looking outer body, this mic has an internal breath blast filter, fit right on the diaphragm. This provides a very good response for human voices. It is not just for vocals but this mic is great even for musical instruments like drums and guitars too.