Never Worry About Radars When You Have A Radar Detector

Have a wonderful car or a bike? Just want to take it for a drive down those lovely roads? Wait! You have speed limits you must obey. You can get caught by those cops who never fail to record your speed with their radar guns. So, what’s the solution? Going slow or get caught and pay the fine? No! You can get yourself a radar detector and be free from getting detected by the best of those devices.

What Are Radar Detectors?

These are devices that are designed to pick up radar signals. The law enforcement officers use different types of radars to detect the speed of the vehicles on the road. The radar detectors pick up signals that are sent out from such radars. When you detect the presence of a radar, you can slow down the speed to the stipulated limit and avoid getting a speeding ticket.

These detectors detect the electromagnetic signals sent out from the radars. When they pick up such a signal, they sound a beep and alert the vehicle driver. This allows the driver to enjoy the drive and test the speed limits of his vehicles without getting into trouble with the law.

Get Saved By Escort


Redline is a very effective detector from Escort. All you have to do is mount it in your vehicle in such a place that it is not easily visible (you don’t want to get caught having a detector in the car) and drive away.

This unit has a dual antenna which helps it pick up radar signals at long ranges too. When you are warned well ahead, you have enough time to act up on it and need not brake suddenly. This detector can detect both radar and laser guns, hence you are protected form different types of detectors.

However, cops these days use a radar detector detector, which can detect your detector. If you can find yourself a Redline by Escort – cheap price, you have nothing to worry about as it uses a total shield technology. It won’t get detected and you can continue speeding away.


The escort passport 8500×50 is another option for those who want a compact detector. This unit can not only detect radar and laser signals but can pick up signals from three different has different tones for different type of warnings and if you are finding the alert tone annoying or disturbing, you can always turn it down.

It has an LED display to help you see better in bright day light and when you are driving at night, you can switch to the night mode, where the display will be turned off, and no tell tale sign of a detector will be there, to get you into trouble.

Laser Detector Cobra Radar/ Reviewed

This wonderful laser detector from Cobra not only detects radar and laser signals but also radar gun POPs. It has many different modes that enable you to customize the settings to suit your needs.

The cobra xrs 9370 is High Quality and can detect 14 radar/ laser bands, thereby giving full protection from getting stopped for speeding. You can choose between the high way and city mode depending on where you are driving.

With such effective detectors in the market, one needn’t worry about anything and can just enjoy his drive.