Virtual Reality headset Is the New Dimension Of Technology

Ever since 3D movies and IMAX came to our lives, we have always believed that it is the closest we will get to the actual event. When it comes to experiences, it is imperative that everyone gets as “realistic” a feel as possible of a game or a film or a TV show. As of 2017, it is possible to cut yourself off from your life and switch to anything you are watching/playing.

Virtual reality has taken the world by storm and it is the next thing in mobile gears. First it was compressing your phone into a watch, now it is attaching your phone to a headset and transporting yourself to another world to experience a film or a game or even a sports event.

To begin with, the market is rife with options for VR headsets. Among those, the most talked about ius Oculus Rift. Their website claims that it offers a 100% immersive experience to a user. But to find a good priced Oculus Rift!!! is a bit of a chore. This is one of the most-awaited products on the market today, and ever since it was released as a concept, people have been trying to book one for themselves, that being said, the hype around it has been milked to the maximum and the high demand has seen a surge in the prices.

It is prices in the USD550 to USD599 range, and since this product is less than six months old it will be difficult to find a god deal online.

Now, since the surge is creating a price bubble, the next thing to get affected are the accessories that come with the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Touch, which is a controller that is an add-on to the Rift comes priced online at roughly USD190. Why Oculus Touch is so expensive?? One of the reasons is the price of the dollar and the GBP. Since there seems to be some issues with the value of the GBP thanks to Brexit, it seems that the price of the Oculus Touch seems to have taken a hit.

Here’s a fun fact for those who think that Virtual Reality Headsets are exclusively for smartphones, the virtual reality products combine with computers too! In order for this to happen, what you need is some equipment that will help you use your home computer with your VR headset so that you are not entirely dependent on your smartphone. For instance, a gyroscopic mouse is really helpful in integrating your VR headset with your home computer.

Virtual Reality headset review for iPhone ©

Ever since iPhone and the iOS were launched, companies have had to scramble to design apps to ensure that they can be used by iPhone users as well. It is the same for vr headsets, it is pretty obvious that VR headsets are more of an open source, read Android, device, but they are being tweaked for iOS as well.

Here are the top 5 VR headsets for iPhones:

1. Google Cardboard

2. Carl Zeiss VR One GX

3. View Master DLX VR

4. Xiaomi Mi VR Play

5. Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses

Since most iPhones use apps like YouTube and Facebook, each of these apps’ 360 apps can be integrated to any of these VR headsets for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. iPhones are holding off on the VR headset purely because the market is still new and while the products are excellent, it is imperative to perfect the technology before a giant like Apple takes it on,