Tips to Buy a Solar Panel system

If you have decided to install a Solar panel system at home, then it is really an interesting task from the start till end. But make sure that you concentrate on some of the important aspects when you purchase the components for the solar panel system. Solar Panel systems are big investments and you need to have some tip in hand to determine the best one that fits your needs.

Get Recommendations

Do you have any one in your friends’ circle or neighbourhood who have installed the solar panel system at their home or office? Then, it is best to ask them about the problem they have experienced and also get recommendations on the best components available in the market. Get recommendations based on the purpose of use. A 18ah battery will work for most RV’s and camping equipment while it might not be suitable for another purpose.

Take a Peek at the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Look at the manufacturer’s warranty period. If there is a substantial warranty period of atleast 25 years, then you can expect the solar system to last for a long time. Next is to look for the reputation of the manufacturer to see if the warranty will be honoured. This is very important in choosing the Solar Panel Systems.

Price Expectations

We all know that Solar panels cost a substantial amount. If you see anything that is quoted low, then it could be an equipment of low quality and work. You always get what you pay for. Hence, make sure to compare the components of various brands and if the price is relatively low and the company is a well-established one, then go for it. Can I buy affordable Goal Zero – generator yeti?? Yes. Try out the online sites for discounts.


Look for the certification on the solar panels. There are so many types of certification done. If the test is done by an independent laboratory and is in accordance with the specifications, then you can rely on the product. But beware of other certifications that are self-assessed and can’t be fully trusted.

Type of Panels

If you have less space to install the panels, it is better to go for a highly efficient solar panel. Mono crystalline solar panels are the best in this case. Even otherwise, it is better to select the best panels as inefficient panels tend to occupy more space and does not allow for

maximization of power at a later point of time. Keep in mind the purpose of setting the system. For example, C 400 watt solar panel is compact and ideal for campers and RV’s. Select panels based on the purpose of use.


The rating of the mounting is important. In case, you are living in cyclone prone area, then make sure to get a panel that is cyclone certified. Mounting systems are important components for the whole solar panel system. So, make sure to get a quality one.

Efficiency of the Inverter

Inverters are those that convert DC power to AC that is suitable for use at home. Buying a good inverter is important because it directly impacts the whole system. A good inverter will always waste less energy while converting it from DC to AC.

Make Sure to Get Quotes

As Solar panel systems are major purchase, make sure to get quote from different companies. Keep in mind not to fall for cheap components as they might increase the cost of maintenance. It is always better to buy the Ultimate Solar Panel for RV (kit) with less maintenance cost